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One Liter of Light... Pay It Forward Philippines!

Posted by Jeff Sohler
Jeff Sohler
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on Friday, 27 April 2012
in Pay It Forward Ideas

Before I get into the Pay It Forward Philippines aspect of One Liter of Light, I would first like to address a very common question... 

Why would anyone want a light source that only works during the day?

To answer this, one needs to look at the situation from a perspective, with the following factors in mind;

  • From my observation, electricity is about twice the price in the Philippines as it is in the United States.
  • Minimum wage ranges between p187 and p382 (about $4.50 - $9.10) per 8-12 hour day, vs. $7.25 per hour in the US.
  • The average couple has has 3 kids to provide for.

So, when you start to do the math... you can see where a FREE light source that produces the equivalent of the light of a 50 watt bulb, used in areas of a house that may be void natural light sources, would be of value.

The Isang Litrong Liwanag Music Video is a fun way to listen and see the whole process, and the difference the light can make.

Now... How can this fit into Pay It Forward Philippines?

There are a number of ways that I can think of...

  • You can show someone how they can do this for themselves, as we provide downloadable plans here on the Pay It Forward Philippines site.
  • You can buy some or all of the materials and few tools required.
  • You can show someone how they could make a living doing this for others as a business.
  • You can hire this person or someone else to install lights for people that need them.

I guess it just depends on how much you want to do... but it would surely be appreciated at any level.

Just make sure you tell the recipient of your kindness to Pay It Forward!

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